hi My name is


let me tell you

about my life
with my human Friend bruno

After You buy this book, You will learn a lot more about me and my life Journey with my best friend and human companion

about the Writer

My name is bruno

I was only 3 years old when I met a German Shepherd Dog for the very first time. Something strange happened. I was filled with a mixed feeling of respect and fascination. And I still am!
I’m now 40 years old and I live with Orzo, a sable German Shepherd Dog. We live in sunny Portugal, in a beautiful town called Tomar. Our bond is now 10 chronological years. When I say chronological I intend to say that intensity and meaning surpasses all numbers.

I am a dog lover,  Yoga teacher, hypnotist and Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. I have training in defensive driving, first aid (humans and dogs) and I’ve worked in law enforcement for over a decade before I made the decision to dedicated myself to what I love.

Writing a book is something special that carries great responsibility. You never know the real impact of written words. I’ll be overjoyed if my experiences raise awareness for important subjects that might help you and your dog.

This is a self-published book so please be tolerant with all the editing mistakes I’ve made…

I want to thank all my friends that contribute to this book. I’ve dedicated my book to Love and Pain. They know which part they are part! 😉

Thank you!

orzo the dog
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