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Introducing The dreaming Dog Book

Before you make the life-changing decision of sharing your life with your dream dog, you must know that he is, first and foremost, a dreaming dog. Yes, your dog holds dreams of his own. Some of them will become your dreams as well, yet others are difficult to grasp. It is quite easy to feel that your buddy is happy all the time and that he is just a part of your life. And he is part of your life! But the thing is that he needs to be in Nature, socialize, play, mate and throw a tantrum every now and then… He is an individual and he must be treated without oppression.



The Dreaming Dog is a clay ball made from my experiences living with Orzo one-on-one, 365 days a year. I felt bewildered, terrified and unfit to conduct such an intense relationship. But life taught me and I was fortunate enough to learn while following my intuition. I address you, the reader, directly, because I believe that I am writing for just for you. And I will be quite happy with just one reader benefiting from these words.



Thank your dog for being a dog


Do not try to make him human


Let him roll in the muddy grass


In fact, go on and join him!

your bond

After reading The Dreaming Dog book you will be more prepared to help you and your buddy and live life to the fullest. It is easy!
Trust yourself, trust your dog and trust your bond.

The Dreaming Dog book carries a bigger price tag than money itself. This manual represents your commitment. Get some training yourself and fight back any gas-lighting someone throws at you. Empower yourself!


OUR short video TOGETHER

Available in PDF and ebook formats for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iOS devices, and Android

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